The Benefits of Weighted Toys And Hoodies For Your Child

Like the benefits of a weighted blanket, a more portable option for children is a weighted toy to create a calm, secure feeling for those with heightened anxiousness or difficulty sleeping.

As parents, we want the best for our child, to be there for them when they need comfort and reassurance. Studies show up to 70% of young children develop strong attachments to objects such as toys or blankets. These attachment items provide some intangible quality that children find comfort in, especially in the absence of a caregiver. For a child with a sensory processing disorder, these toys take on even greater meaning. Initially developed as sensory toys for autism, they are a great plush toy option for children of every age and circumstance.


How Do Weighted Toys Soothe?

The success of weighted toys is tied to proprioceptive input. Proprioception refers to our body awareness, the sensations we get from joints, muscles and connective tissues. Our ability to self- regulate our emotions, our coordination, posture, spatial awareness and the ability to focus and speak coherently are all reliant on our proprioceptive input.

When we do not get enough of this input, our behaviour becomes erratic and overly energetic. In children, this can lead to tantrums, aggressive outbursts, fear and confusion. A weighted toy feeds the proprioceptive input and disrupts the behaviour, creating calm and providing comfort. Think of it as a firm, reassuring hug that helps you feel grounded and safe during a period of overwhelm.

Helpfully, there are no special instructions needed or wrong way to play with a weighted toy, they are a wonderfully simple support measure for a complex challenge many children face. The best baby toys and accessories are those that help our children adjust, learn and feel safe.


Benefits Of Weighted Toys For Children

For children with sensory processing disorders, day to day life can be particularly overwhelming, weighted toys provide a literal anchor point and help children relax, re-focus and redirect their energy. There are additional benefits such as:

  • Supporting better sleep. Without adequate proprioceptive input, falling asleep or self-soothing during a period of wakefulness is challenging. Weighted toys provide the necessary input to promote better and deeper sleep.
  • It’s impossible to be with your child every moment of the day, a weighted toy can provide the same soothing comfort as a hug from a beloved caregiver. Knowing your child can be soothed in your absence means comfort for both parents and child.
  • No child likes to feel different from their peers, weighted toys provide discreet support that doesn’t single your child out. A portable occupational therapy aid that needs no explanation and doesn’t stand out. Not just toddler toys, the Tumfort weighted hoodie that doubles as a toy is the perfect transitional support as your child grows.
  • Weighted toys can promote a sense of adventure in children who previously were shy to explore. Their comforting companion can accompany them anywhere and give them the courage to participate with their peers and undertake new experiences.


Tumfort Weighted Toys

If you’ve decided a weighted stuffed animal is a must-have for your child, you’ll want to know that you’re choosing a quality product, backed by science and made with children in mind. Tumfort weighted toys are all of the above. Our toys are:

  • Perfectly weighted, heavy enough to provide maximum comfort, but light enough to be taken anywhere you need to go. Our carefully considered weight and filling are backed by in-depth studies and science.
  • Our toys are wildly and wonderfully different. We use only premium materials of the most delightful softness and textures. Making for an adored and ultra-plush cuddly companion from day one.
  • We have also chosen to create characters with lesser-known, but fascinating features. Celebrating difference in the hope your child feels encouraged to find joy in their own uniqueness.


Imaginative Ways Your Child Can Play With Their Tumfort Weighted Toy

Your child can take their weighted toy or hoodie just about anywhere they go and create lots of activities and games utilising them:

Ring-a-rosy — great for encouraging verbal input too, have your little one sing the classic nursery rhyme while dancing in a circle with their toy.

Catch And Toss — who needs a ball to play catch? Safe to gently toss in an open area, this activity encourages a range of movement for proprioceptive input.

Couch Cuddles — perfect for those moments when quiet time is needed for child and parent. Set up the couch for a movie date between your child and their cuddly friend. This also provides a great opportunity for relaxation by using the Tumfort Toy in place of other stress toys.

Comfort In The Car — many children struggle in the car, placing a weighted toy in their lap can create a sense of safety as though a parent is resting a comforting hand on them.

There really is a Tumfort Toy or Hoodie for every child. Don’t settle for the standard stuffed animals, choose sensory toys for kids that combine both fun and function. Make your life as a parent easier with a weighted toy or hoodie. Knowing your precious child can be comforted when you’re unable to be there or helping them settle so you can get things done is priceless. Happy, relaxed and supported caregivers and kids — it’s a game-changer.